Metal Roofing

Longevity, durability, safety and energy efficiency

Metal Roof Roll Forming Fabrication Process

Metal Roofing options include J-Rib, Corrugated, and Standing Seam.


Aloha Roofing Supply has the best selection of long-lasting, high-quality roof materials, including tools and supplies for installation including fasteners, underlayments, adhesives, caulking and top coats for all Oahu roofing projects, from commercial developments to renovations and residential roof jobs. You can see a sample of our most popular roof products below.  Need delivery? Let us  bring all of your materials to you and our skilled team will load the roof materials on the roof.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing


Metal roofing is a popular option for its longevity, durability, safety and energy efficiency.


Standing Seam is a premium metal roofing system. This contemporary roof system is designed with hidden fasteners on both panels and trim, creating a stylish metal roof with the durability of steel. Designed with simplicity and beauty in mind, metal roofing is made to last.


26 Gauge Color Chart

24 Gauge Color Chart

While Supplies Last!

Pre-cut, 26-Gauge corrugated metal – 6ʻ, 8ʻ and 10ʻ foot lengths available.  Great for pens, gardens, siding, roofing & fencing.

Photos to Inspire Your Roof Choice


If you are unsure of what would look best on your home or business you can stop in at our Kapolei location; it is our pleasure to match you with the best roofing option to match your home or buildings’  style.

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Created specifically for the roofing trade, it’s the ideal tool for contractors of all sizes and complexity. Roof Hub makes it easy to get a new project underway or order more materials for an existing job. Its real-time delivery tracking shows you exactly where your orders are, not just that they’re on the way. The delivery-confirmation photos help you verify safe and complete deliveries!